Bridge Telegram with Matrix


I see Telegram is used for chat. How do you guys feel about adding a matrix bridge? This will allow users to keep using Telegram but also allow users to use matrix which is open source

I can help set it up, but looks like a admin from the Telegram group is needed as well


There are a lot of people which access the telegram group via matrix. So no extra bridge is needed i think.

But i didn’t like this bridge, because it the overview very difficult

I don’t think you can access Telegram without a bridge.

There should not be anything difficult about using the bridge. You should not notice that as a user

pls see here, the bridge is always shown in every post. That crazy and not good for the overview

Aha I see there is a bridge already, thanka

Hi. I have just started to use the Telegram channels. I already use and Matrix to access irc channels on #freenode. Please can someone tell me what I need to do in Riot to connect to the ‘/e/ community support’ Telegram channel?

Sorry can’t help. But I want show you how it look in Telegram and it’s breaking the nice chat layout of telegram. That’s why I don’t like this Matrix bridge

so I would be happy if you will stay on original telegram client.


OK. I’ll live with yet another messaging app on my Desktop :slight_smile:

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