Broken usb connexion Samsung S7 after upgrade (Herolte)


Yesterday I have seen many upgrade (since 2021) on my phone. All arrived in a same time (I don’t know why ?).
I try to update with the last update purposed. But when my phone restart it stop on the logo.
Actually I can start TWRP but USB connexion is broken. The driver on my PC is Ok because it can connect to another samsung phone (S5mini).
Thanks to help me

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The latest is likely the OTA Upgrade from Android 10 (Q) → 11(R).

However there was this warning just before the release

This expresses the need to install the “special release” e-1.17.1-q prior to the Upgrade. Here is the link to the Release Note

There is a further support topic on the upgrade [1]

However how this might effect usb connection, I am not sure.

IF TWRP is ok, there is another way to apply the upgrade. Check the ability of TWRP > INSTALL to navigate say to the root of internal storage or, perhaps a USB storage device or maybe SD card. You can download the /e/OS ROM to some suitable location and install from there. (Edit I guess you will find it difficult to transfer the ROM to internal storage)

[1] You will notice that one core issue here is

Starting from /e/OS Android 11, we will stop supporting Adoptable storage on all Samsung S7 Devices due to lack of support for Adoptable storage

Did your phone have an SD card previously installed as Adoptable?

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Thank you aibd for your help.

I will try to use a SD card and the “special release” e-1.17.1-q.
Now I have an issue with TWRP…

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