Browser keeps stopping error

Hi everybody,

I got a problem since I use /e/ with my Xiaomi Mi 9T.

I often got an error displaying on the screen that says that “browser keeps stopping”. Actually I’m not using this browser for my phone so there’s no problem about this but the problem is that it often came in front of the screen when I’m using other apps or when I’m doing something else that has no link with the browser. So I wanted to know if this problem was known and if it was possible to completely disable the browser to avoid it to start.

Here is two screenshots of what I get with this problem.

Thank you all for your help.

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Try to stop then clear cache & data for Browser app, in Settings.

Thank you for your answer.

I forgot to say that I’ve already tried to solve the problem by clearing cache and all browser data but this doesn’t work.

probably want to look at logcat while the error is thrown.

(I’ve seen foundation.e.browser segfault in user logs on this forum recently (within 3 months) but it didn’t come up more often. I wondered then what triggered it)