Browser privacy take #42

I stumbled upon a new privacy brower project named “Orion” with “unbelievable” numbers…

Regarding the numbers they compare they refer to this

Some more discussion here on the forum

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Interesting, but unfortunately it seems it is only for MACarons.

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As stated it is only for Apple users which is a bit irritating as they usually are not aware enough of topics like privacy (which can be seen by which devices they choose).

Second it is not open source and they use “straw man arguments” to deal with this problems. That’s not trustwhorthy that’s hypocritical.

And finally: Tales from Paulaner Garten, as we Germans say. So they claim alot but it is not really verifiable without considerable effort.

“Orion is currently available for Apple macOS, iPadOS and iOS. We are planning support for other platforms in the future.”

Lets see if and when that happens…

will install it on my ipad when stable. thanks for the information about this new browser.

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