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Check this out
Finaly #firefox is not so good #brave as better results

But Brave isn’t really something I would recommend with a good conscience after all that affiliate link business and so on.


Only four things are for sure: Increasing user base (if you believe their numbers), the frontside technically very good privacy of brave, that Arthur Edelstein, who is running privacytests.‘org’, is an employe of brave and the continued controversy ;- )

2019, while having 8.7 million monthly active users overall
November 2020, Brave reported having 20 million monthly users,
September 2021, it passed 36 million monthly active users
As of June 2023, Brave reported more than 57.76 million monthly active users

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Thank you for pointing that the website owner is member of the brave team :open_mouth::+1:

You are so right which maintains the site privacytests.‘org’ (without however mentioning it in its site is an employee of brave witch comes in first position of the tests :sweat_smile:

If the technical criteria are profund, valid and open source I see no direct problem if brave is hiring the best man available :- )

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I do understand all of the concerns of why people don’t like brave i mean honestly i can’t say i like it myself but i cannot deny brave is one of the best chromium browsers for both privacy and security and probably makes the best balancing act out of both of those traits.

But also do keep in mind that stronger firefox based browsers exist such as librewolf, mull and Tor which are very strong contenders

I’m not trying to undermine brave by any means as i said earlier as of today there is pretty much no chromium browser that is stronger than it. Im just trying to clarify a few things

look at chromium based and firefox based browsers from this perspective. chromium based is more secure while firefox based can be more private depending on the configuration. except for Tor that one is completely alright by it’s default configuration and is recommended to change as little as possible

but to put what i just said simply

chromium based = more secure

firefox based can = more private

But here’s the thing i know everyone has their own preferred browser. Like me for example i prefer mull simply cause of three factors the first being i prefer hardened browsers the second being i do not like chromium browsers at all third being extension support

and just like with that there are plenty of reasons people would rather a good chromium based browser like brave. for example depending on how your firefox based browser is configured it can get extremely slow. brave is strong by default and does not have this speed issue nearly as badly even at it’s peak configuration

anyways i think i rambled on long enough sorry i really do talk a lot when it comes to this stuff :sweat_smile:

but i will leave it at this if those numbers are true im glad brave is doing so well we need more privacy browsers especially chromium based ones as there are very little of them. i would also like to see some new browsers altogther that aren’t chromium or firefox based though!

I share your point of view, but it’s the kind of detail that deserves transparency.


Interesting thing that I stumbled upon: On my debian based distribution I am using Mozilla Firefox and on my router a DNS-based adblocker which is using different lists as a source what to block.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is offering a browser fingerprinting test at

This test runs only if I whiltelist the following domains:

Interestingly these domains are on a list which the router is using that come from

Though it seems that although is cooperating since 2020 with Mozilla to prevent fingerprinting like they stated here and explained in detail here, disconnect put the domains the EFF is using in their tests to inform about fingerprinting on their blocking list.

(if I asume that the list I am using is indeed from them and untampered)

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I speculate that many of those blocking-lists are maintained by mainly using some sort of “buzzword-automatism” like search and block: "tracker" (and copying from each other) - w/o doublechecking context of specific domains unless reported false positives (if that option exists at all).

Out of curiosity I checked “oisd big” and “hagezi Multi Pro” and I could not find these 3 domains therein. So I guess the (imho important) whitelisting that they do is a bit more sophisticated compared to e.g. the disconnect me-list.

There might be other reasons for disconnect me to include these 3 domains on their list … at the end of the day the EFF-site DOES fingerprinting (for testing purpose, a good reason, though) which disconnect me states to disable… so they are just being consistent.

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You can test your browser of choice with settings you have for it at:

With that said results with Mull are quite nice while these added to ublock origin filter list


I contacted, lets see what they say, if anything at all ;- ) Contacting EFF would also be interesting.

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That was the answer I got on 18.09.23, haven’t re-checked:

“Thank you very much for your suggestion regarding these domains, and I am going to have our team evaluate them for removal from our list.”

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