BUG installing eos on FP4

Hi everyone,

We’ve been proceeding to the eos installing on a brand new FP4, with a friend guiding me through it remotly, and we got stuck in steps 5, 6 and 7 of the tutorial : ( https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP4/install )

Can someone describe these steps with more details than the tutorial does?

And at step 7 of Unlocking the bootloader :

Approve with volume + then power

The device proceed with a factory reset, and automatically reboots

when they say “approve with volume up” which command is supposed to appear on the upper part of the screen before pushing the power button ? START? QMMI? FFBM? RECOVERY MODE? RESTART BOOTLOADER?

We tried all of them (not the QMMI) and it didn’t work (I thought I lost the phone with the FFBM) so we suppose we missed something in step 5 or 6.

Hope I’ll find help here.

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Is it possible you are actually failing at an earlier point than you think?

The /e/ install instructions make no mention of checking that you have full two way communication with the device before you start. I treat that as a high priority. I gave these clues in another thread.

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I understand, that the command in step 5 initiated the expected reboot, right?
What’s the output (on the computer) of the fastboot command in step 6? It seems it’s not correctly executed (if it was you should be down the confirmation on the phone for the factory reset).
What’s the output of a command fastboot devices?

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Hi! I’m not at all a developer, and it’s a friend who remotely guided me through the process. So before trying to answer @ff2u questions and before trying to understand the content in the link you shared (which I’m both grateful for, but are both gonna take time for me to wrap my head around them), I’ll answer your first question “Is it possible you are actually failing at an earlier point than you think?”, where I think the clue might be. I’ll explain:

When we were at that point :

My friend believed that as we did the EOM unlock steps on the phone, we didn’t have to do the command line part. But I had my doubts about that. That’s why I asked about it in another post. And it seems that @AnotherElk confirmed my doubts.

So could all the problem come from the fact that we didn’t do the EOM unlock steps both through the Developer Options (on the phone), and through the command line (on the computer) ?

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Yes, exactly, … by the sound of it … in Developer options you set up / prepared … but you did not actually do the unlock from the PC!

When this is done correctly … the instruction

Approve with volume + then power

should then be perfectly intuitive.


Wonderful ! I hope it’ll be the solution ! Thank you !

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