Bug Screen Alignment on PH1 with /e/ 0.7-2020022943260

Just installed the /e/ 0.7-2020022943260 update on my Essential PH1.

There is an annoying bug which off-set the screen to the left.

This hide a share of the screen and most annoying it mess up with keyboard…

This problem happens on both portrait and landscape mode
It does not show on Screen capture.

I can not reverse to previous version.

So… please correct this bug asap.

Note: could you work on update that correct t bugs rather than creating new ones on something which worked for months?

I’ve the same problem. Maybe, you’ll see it better on this screen (because the screen capture give a correct image)

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Yes, exact same.
Typing messages is a real pain. Seems small details can make your life more complicated :slight_smile:

Yes, the above mentioned bug is annoying. However, it could be reason enough to make a quick system backup via WinTeam TWRP before every OTA update in the future and to save it externally.

As a Wind°ws Desktop PC user I know how valuable a “Wind°ws-Restore-Point” made before an update can be. A return to a working version is only a matter of minutes.

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Same with mine. Big problem.

True. Thanks for advice. I did not do it as I never had an issue with /e/ multiple update so far.

Lets hop we hear from the dev team soon :smile:

I confess: I also think before every OTA update - everything will go well. Most of the time it does and everything it went like clockwork. But just when you don’t suspect anything bad, it happens …

With a Daily Driver Phone, however, safety first comes first for me.

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@Manoj any feedback from the dev team ?

The essential mata is being upgraded to Pie. The build should be released in a day or two. We are facing some issues on the build server due to which the builds could not be completed. Once we resolve the issue you should be able to flash the pie build which should not have this issue.

will it be OTA? Or need to reinstall the all phone clean ?

All upgrade installations will have to be clean installs.
No OTA upgrades for any devices as of now. Dev team is still working on getting the OTA to work but that will take some time.
It is either get an upgrade now by manual flashing or wait indefinitely for the OTA to work perfectly for all 91 devices we support.
We have already delayed the Pie / Oreo upgrades for almost a year high time we closed them.

Not cool.
Real annoying that the latest OTA update has this bug and the fix needs to restart from 0.

Let us know when the PIE mata will be ready.
Meanwhile, it would really be nice of the team to patch /e/ 0.7-2020022943260 they messed up on Feb 29. At least we could use keyboard while waiting for Pie.

Yes, @Manoj or please give us a way to get the previous, which was working

The /e/Pie official should be out early this week…If that is not going to happen will check if the previous nougat build is available for download.

Thanks. the bug is really minor… guess they can fix it in few min. PLease

great! it is online !

There was a OTA update of the Nougat version on March 13th.
And strangely the screen misalignment issue is still here.

Please, please, Manoj, put back the last good image of 7.1.2 (the one before 0.7-2020022943260). It seems to have been removed again from the site. The March 13th image has the same problem as 0.7-2020022943260 and is unusable. Thank you.

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