Build /e/ for samsung galaxy S8+ dream2lte

Hi from France,

Yes, i use /e/ since one year and i love it.
I have now Samsung galaxy s8+ (dream2lte) and i’d love to have /e/ for it.
I tried to build the rom /e/ following your advices, (by docker ) but i didn’t manage to do this.

I got in the file :

/srv/e/logs/dream2lte/eelo-0.7-20191112-UNOFFICIAL-dream2lte.log :

[Tue Nov 12 00:58:04 UTC 2019] No build for dream2lte

Sow how we can do it please???

Thank you a lot for your job, and we are very proud of your work, especially french people!

A /e/ OS ROM e-0.8-p is currently being tested. Since there is already a beta version for S8 dreamlte, it won’t take too long until an official version is released.