Build /e/ for surnia/harpia/jfltespr

Can I try to build e for these phone models pulling from the /e/ repository or is it only the supported models listed? I see /e/ has been built for Moto E Condor and Moto G4 athene and Samsung S4 jflte models but I was wondering if there is some way to use docker compiling and substituting the appropriate model name to make an /e/?

Yes it should work. You can replace the name of you device in the “DEVICE_LIST=deviceofyourchoice” parameter. Docker will fetch the files from the cm-14.1 sources. I built a ROM for a model which is not as yet supported. I works as long as there is support in cm-14.1 for that device.

Did all the install/build steps for docker and downloaded the most current repo…it states that that surnia, harpia, jfltespr is not a valid repo tag.

THANK YOU. I will test.