Build /e/ ROM against latest firmware

The Stock ROM for some of the devices we support have now switched to Pie. While building our /e/ ROM we started with nougat or Oreo and continue with the same version of the OS for them. Due to this the latest ROM’s are not installing or working on these devices. For e.g. for MiA1 Pie is the Xiaomi stock ROM. Even for the Oreo version they have updated the firmware. Users especially those who had updated to Pie are now finding it difficult to flash the oreo /e/ build. This error is not visible for those who never upgraded to Pie. For e.g the /e/ build works correctly on my MiA1 ( OTA or manual flash) because I have not upgraded to Pie.
May be when we update to Lineage 16.0 at a later stage these issues may disappear but until then new users will have a tough time.
Sample post on the forum E does not start after installing update
Bug raised in Gitlab :

I hope this will be a new good reason for to start developing Pie !!!

BTW I do not think LOS 16.0 is build-able out of the box. The Lineage ‘How to build’ posts still have 15.1 instructions on them for e.g. Maybe the customization of the 16.0 branch is still not done. So first I guess Lineage will have to complete their customization of the source and then /e/ will start with their changes. So it will be some time before that happens. Also Pie will work on devices with A/B partitions that reduced the scope further :frowning:

But without Pie support e will be a “death birth”

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