E does not start after installing update

Hello everybody,

every time i try to install an update while e is running, my phone does not start and i have to delete all and install the newest version of e via ADB:

Does anyone has an solution? I have an xiaomi Mi A1.

Thanks and kind regards Julius

Hi @JJoerg just wanted to understand this did you do an Over The Air (OTA) update or were you manually flashing the build. Which was the last build /e/ on you phone and was it working correctly. I have a MiA1 and it is running ok after the last OTA update.

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Hello @Manoj thanks for reply. I try to install OTA update and every time i do my phone does not start again. I have 0.5-o-201902283757-dev-tissot installed. And its working fine.

Only black screen after OTA update.

Thanks for your help.

So every time you have to manually flash the tissot ROM to make it work?

Yes, thats right. I have to flash it manually.

Pl can you share your baseband version… You will find it under System >> About phone. Also wanted to know if you update you phone to pie version on stock ROM before coming to /e/

My baseband version is: 953_GEN_PACK-1.181354.1.182577.1

No i did not update the stock ROM to pie. Stock ROM is the original ROM from xiaomi, right?

The baseband version on my phone is different.

There seems to be an issue with the 953_GEN_PACK-1.181354.1.182577.1 version. We have a number of user with this version reporting various issues while running /e/ https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/management/issues/236 .This baseband is specific to the Pie update that is currently running on Xiaomi stock ROM. it does not work well with oreo / Lineage based ROM’s .Pl can you add your feedback under the bug report in Gitlab.