Build failing: Cannot remove project: Uncommitted changes are present

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So i have been trying to build /e/ for my phone (troika) which is officially supported by lineageOS. However the build (not repo sync) fails at 34% when it is building the kernel image. In the repo log the error mesage is “error: kernel/motorola/exynos9610: Cannot remove project: uncommitted changes are present”.
In the build log it shows:
“[ 34% 38186/109519] Building Kernel Image (Image)
FAILED: out/target/product/troika/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/arch/arm64/boot/Image”
I have attached both logs to this post. I would appreciate any help.

Build Log:

Repo log:

As you had no reply for a week, looking at your two logs, it looks like your are building with an incomplete repo sync? (but maybe this is not a matching pair of logs?)

Maybe also Docker build does not give you this freedom? (I cannot use Docker build, my machine is not powerful/modern enough).

When your repo sync returned

Try re-running with "-j1 --fail-fast" to exit at the first error.

were you able to resolve the repo sync error?

In the old school method there is no point in moving to build till repo sync reports 100%.

Both logs are tripping up at kernel/motorola/exynos9610 so it points to a simple fail to sync that item.

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I was not able to resolve the repo sync error. I have had a repo sync error before though that was because the config file got corrut in one of the projects. I solved that by deleted all sources of the project. For this issue, would deleteing all sources of the kernel work? Or do you think I should just re-sync the whole repo?

As fas as I can read, you’re building using WSL2.
Did any other build succeeded using this method ?

I am not sure. Should I do it inside of a virtual machine instead?

Yes, if you could fire up a Ubuntu VM and use the Docker method, it will be perfect as you would then use the standard method :wink:
Here is the official documentation : How to Build the /e/ ROM? (please note that nowadays, a 512GB disk may be needed).
I think you can skip over “Extract proprietary blobs” chapter :wink:

Thank you! This worked! I don’t know if it was the ubuntu vm that worked or something else (my computer did crash a couple times when building with wsl) but thanks for your help!

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I have successfully built the rom! If you have a Moto One Action and want to try it out, check out this thread. Thank you for all the help.

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