Building /e/ for herolte (Samsung Galaxy S7) e.g. for OREO

I can build /e/ for some devices like LeEco S2 or Samsung Galaxy S5 (kccat5) - both Nougat and Oreo - which works out of the box on the latest docker - by just following the instructions in the wiki – but I cannot build any version for herolte (Samsung Galaxy S7) - problems start with a reference to vendor/cm which stops the building process after a few seconds - screenshot has been posted previously here in the forum: Shamu - Built for and installed on my phone
I was able to fix this by finding the right mk-file and change the path to vendor/lineage - but this is just the beginning - I wonder if there is anything I need to know - or anything special with respect to the herolte device which I cannot find ?

Hi @chrisma we have some documentation here which can help building without docker and for non lineage supported devices.

Thanks, @Manoj - stupid me - I totally missed the fact the Galaxy S7 / S7 edge are no longer maintained by LineageOS team - that must have happened somewhere around March 2019 - and special thanks to the /e/ team for still providing a build - IMHO this device is worth it because /e/ is running pretty well here - for building my own version … I will check again if I can build the nougat version from /e/ source

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