Building /e/ for Samsung Note 4 (N910F)?


i understand i cannot install /e/ on my note4 n910f because it has a snapdragon cpu (and not an exynos one). I’ve found an unofficial image for lineageos (v14.1 i believe) that seems to work on n910f.

Can you point me to any resource that would allow me to build /e/ for snapdragon on note 4 ?

I hope someone can help…

Here are some links :

I do have an unsupported Xiaomi Max2 (oxygen). It’srunning LOS 15 and LOS16 is also available. Both unofficial. But I was never able to build e for this device. I have tried tons of different device tree, kerne and vendor sources, but every build fails.

So I wish you good luck and if you find a way to build, pls let me know

@harvey186 thank you for your support. I also have a samsung A5 (2016) not supported that i wish to install /e/ to.

@Anonyme thank you for these links. I’ve read them. I understand how to prepare the toolchain to build /e/ (well i think i understand)… the resource i’m looking for, is what code and where in that code i should modify something to target my “special” note 4. If i pass branch v0.2 and ‘treltexx’ device to the building script, it will prepare a version of /e/ for note 4 with exynos (not for snapdragon). So i’d like to know where to change the target platform in building tools and there is probably code in /e/ to add or modify to target snapdragon, no?

I think we are an good way to build for unsupported devices. One user has a successful finished build and my is running at the moment. I hope it will also finish successful. If yes, we will publish the way / how to

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I’m impatient to hear from you @harvey186
keep up the effort

I’m only the man in the middle :wink: The man with the knowledge is Andre Lam

My build fails at 99,9% :frowning: but anyway, Andre has found a good way and will write a HowTo soon

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nice to hear :grinning:
i’d be happy to test it on my note 4 and then on my a5(2016) as soon as i’ll have it repaired

Do you have seen this ? [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices

Thank you for the feedback, i’m gonna give it a try this week-end :slight_smile:
i’ll post whatever happens in the other post

Hi, I’ve got the same phone, too. I look forward to seeing when the tutorial is published. Thank you. Best regards.

Hi @Emanuel, is it a note4 you have? trltexx?

Anyway, @harvey186 gave the link for the tutorial in his message, it’s [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices

By the way, i’ve tried to build /e/ for note4 trltexx and it did not work. I believe it’s because i’ve tried oreo and i should have tried nougat. A new build is running

Here are the error logs from yesterday:

build/core/ *** Can not locate config makefile for product “lineage_trltexx”. Stop.

Then the vendor/ device kernel repo branch should be named cm-14.1. I did not test this though.

yes, note 4 n910f.

It seems you’re right @andrelam, from the logs:

[Mon May 27 21:57:10 CEST 2019] Use branch cm-14.1 on

The error is shown if you have the wrong device tree. Look for better sources. It must have a file and a file.

I have just seen on github that there is no Oreo or nougat sources. So you will have no luck with building.
Or is cm14 nougat :thinking:

Than you have to rename and edding some files to fit for e/Los building

and one hint: I prefer building first for a supported device to check if your setup is working well.
And if there is a supported device which is similar to yours. try this first.

For example: my oxygen is very similar to mido and tissot. So I first build for tissot. When build works fine, I try building for my oxygen

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I agree with @harvey186’s suggestion.Building for a supported device first gives you the confidence that your build works and secondly if there are errors there would be help available on the net to fix it. This makes the second build on the unsupported device relatively ‘easier’ .