Bunpo Learn Japanese doesn't work on /e/

Hi! I’m new here. Glad to be part of this community!

I bought a Fairphone 3 with /e/ from e foundation. My move from Android to /e/ has been pretty painless so far. Most of the apps I used before work on /e/ and I really like the OS in general. There’s just one problem.

I used an app called Bunpo to learn Japanese back when I was still on Android. I was thrilled to see the app in the /e/ app store. The enthusiasm faded fast when I noticed that I couldn’t get past the start screen of the app.

What qualifies an app to be put up on the /e/ app store? Have they been tested in some way? Is there something I can do or should I turn to the app creator and ask them to put in the work to make the app work on /e/ devices?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, welcome in the forum and thank you for your purchase !

Sadly this app doesn’t work for me neither. I suspect this app needs a certification (SafetyNet) only available when the Google Play Services are installed.
MicroG was able to bypass until summer 2019 but Google changed something in the way SafetyNet works and MicroG isn’t able to bypass it anymore.

It’s the same problem with Snapchat for instance, you can’t login.

Nothing, if a user asks for it (in the settings of Apps) the app is added, there is no quality control.

You could add your app into this list of non-working apps.