Buying a battery in the usa

Been trying to buy a battery for fp4 in the USA but all european stores cancel orders saying lithium ion is not transportable from europe, but there is no restrictiom from china, however aliexpress doesnt sell fp4 batteries.
Any us store sells fp4 battery or cab you guys put one on sale on ebay or ali? I need replacable battery

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Which ones?
Since currently don’t list the battery, did you ask Vireo? … … They ship internationally and you can contact them in English (email address top right of the page).

You could also ask over here …

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They all cancel orders once they find out they are shipping to the US. I need a US based store to buy a battery

What about Taiwan? Palcom distributes the Fairphone 4 in Taiwan …

Ill chexk it out with the translator, do you know of any US sellers?

No, but perhaps users in the Fairphone forum topic I linked to do?

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You could ask Murena now, I guess …

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It’s an accessory, though :wink: …

“Available on backorder” :frowning:

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