Bypass the "Cannot load Android system" error without losing personal data?

We were discussing from what we’ve seen on different phones whether there could be a chance user data might still be there depending on how a factory reset might approach the somewhat complicated Internal Storage. I haven’t seen user data remain yet, @aibd has.

I still think the next one to have a look should be a professional data rescue service.
Deleting files on any storage tends to mainly remove the file entries from the directory lists and leave the corresponding storage space as available for new stuff, while the bits of the old files still remain intact until overwritten. That’s where professional data rescue can step in and try to restore the old directory entries to access the old files, or sift through the raw data bits currently available to recognize old files, or some other tech wizardry.

If the old files are deleted, any further file operation might overwrite important old data bits, which is why I’m hesitant to recommend to do anything including just completing the initial user setup.

Thinking about it, it will be hard to establish evidence now that you got the phone back unless you had a witness with you in the store for the exchange of words with them.

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You’re absolutely right, I will look for professional data rescue again.
Maybe there is something I can save…

The Lawyer bit also is right - I was astonished though, when via Google Maps the owner of the store was confirming publicly they made a mistake… But I am not that kind of person, too, and I have not enough time and energy to go about making a fuss there…

I think you would have checked this first @Anne_W … if it is applicable.

Is there any chance that you you sync Music to ecloud … and that time elapsed to allow for sync Music > Sound records to ecloud?

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What do you mean with checking this first? I checked the eCloud but there was nothing… :frowning: Would it have copied to Music, if it had?

That is what I would expect; the recordings from Recorder app go to

Music > Sound records

or… > Apps > Files > Music > Sound records

on my phone.

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I don’t understand the Murena Cloud, to be honest.

The files all seem empty, except for Notes, which has 32 KB and stored all the notes I took.

Nevertheless, the Murena Cloud is shown as to be quite full, even though there is no data:

1022.9 MB of 20 GB (I bought storage naively thinking that the full Cloud might have caused problems). Do you have any idea why the Cloud memory is full? When I put them in the order of all data–>size (starting with the biggest size, Notes is shown as the biggest.

I already checked the deleted Files, thinking that it was maybe full, but it’s empty, too…

Best, Anne

This is where I am looking:


I hesitated to answer this at first just in case your work might be able to be retrieved from the cloud – I would suggest not trying to “get to the bottom” of the cloud till you get to the end of your first issue. :slight_smile:

Stored email, email in Trash, and large attachments on saved or trashed email can build up space.

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Hey there & thank you :slight_smile:

Music, like all the other folders (except Notes) is empty. It only contains a ReadMe-File and that just takes up 1B.
The E-Mail (Sent/Inbox/Trash etc.) is all empty, as are the Contacts.
Still, it says: 1.022,9 MB of 20 GB (4.99%) used…

I am just wondering what takes up more than 1 GB if every folder I look into is empty.
Maybe I can write to Murena and ask them?

All best!

As a customer you can expect support from

As you cannot look at your old sync setting … do you remember if sync was on before the “event”?

You might mention in your email that you have data you would be anxious to retrieve from Music > Sound records if it exists.

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Thank you.
I don’t know if synch was on, as I had just discovered there is a cloud shortly before the bootloop of my phone.

I have just written to them, will let you know as soon as they answer :slight_smile:

Something like this came up a few times, e-mail seems to be a possible culprit …

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Hm, thanks - there were no emails stored in my folders at all. (It said “empty” everywhere, also in the Archive and the deleted files.) Although nothing is visible, I have clicked on “Clear Folder” again, if anything is invisible, that might take up space…
Still 1 GB in my folder, but the Murena service says it might take until tomorrow to see changes.
We will see… :slight_smile:

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