Calendar iCal settings

I’m struggling to import my /e/ calendar into iCal using CalDAV i am using

user: my@email
pass: xxxxx

which port is used? i assumed 443 (SSL) but that does not work.


What do you whant to do ? One time export ? Than use the export function

For sync I’m using the sane adress like you, but only til dav/
And i never need a port setup

I’m using DAVx5 app

I want to use the calendar in iCal myself and sync it to other devices and want to enable my girlfriend to do the same with read and write access.

I thought iCal is a file format.:thinking:

But anyway, try DAVx5 from f-droid with the setup shown above and your adress.

Thank you for sharing your method but that is for use with Android. I am trying to make this work on MacOS. Am really looking for the WebDAV/CalDAV server details for manual input so there’s a 2-way sync.

oh shit … sorry I though you where talking about e.
I think I have no good news for you. I have tried it very often on my iMAC but never get a sync with my Nextcloud calendar :frowning:

If you will search the web, you will find a lot of questions regarding that issue, but the only solution I have found is not usable for your, only on if you host it for your own.

Thanks nevertheless harvey. Are you saying that the /e/ calendar is a service hosted by Nextcloud?

yes, sure. is a nextcloud server

Select Accounts in System Setting, then add account and select Manual. Fill the server field with macOS CalDAV details as shown in the screeenshot. Fill in username and password and done! You can use the same procedure for adding to other OS’s and devices.

I have succesfully set it up manually on iOS, Android and macOS

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