Using + calendar + addressbook + Tasks on a second phone?

Hey there.

I want to use my e-Services on another phone where e is not installed (GrapheneOS).
What Apps do i need from the F-Droid store to get access there to: → Install and connect Nextcloud app
-e addressbook
-e calendar → Like tihs? Calendar iCal settings - #2 by harvey186
-e tasks

In especially, I need some tips on how to set it up with the right parameters. For example the address book.

Greetings by ReQuester

The /e/ services all use NextCloud as their base, so apps which work with NextClid will also work with your /e/ account

The DAVx5 app will handle Contacts and Calenday Sync.

The app can be installed from F-Droid, which you will need to install on the other phone if it is not already installed

When it is installed you will need to add an account:

  • choose ‘Login with URL and username’
  • use ‘ecloud.globalas the url, and your full e username (’) and password. You can then choose which address books and calendars to sync.

If you subscribe to other online Calendars in .ics format, you will also need the ICSx5 app also from F-Droid

I don’t use the /e/ Tasks app. You should be able to use any Tasks or ToDo app that works with NextCloud. I tried a couple, but I didn’t have time (or interest :slight_smile: ) ) to make them work

Good luck!