Calendar items on the home screen?


is there a way to place a calendar widget right on the home screen?

I really like this setting as it shows me the important schedule and the app icons of my most used apps with no further scrolling/swiping…


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for your information, this request has already been done on the forum :

and on the gitlab :

If you need a calendar widget, you can use SimpleCalendar from F-droid :wink:

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yes, but these widgets are only placed on the screen on the left side of the home screen. and furthermore only after (the for mes useless) weather widget. So it is really hidden and not on the home screen (the screen after unlocking the device)… or have I missed something?

No indeed for now widgets can’t be placed on a selected page.

You could install another launcher with this functionality (they are also available in the /e/ Apps installer).

no, that’s right. BLISS is very unflexible. I prefer TotalLauncher. With it you can place the widget where you want, can change the size of the widget and it is sorting your apps in number of usage. So you ever have the most used apps at the beginning of your drawer or your apps widget. There si nothing in TotalLauncher which you can’t customize :slight_smile:

I was in your very same position. I was also used to have the widget you are talking about on my home screen.

Let me tell you that after some weeks of /e/ use, I do not longer have that need.

The simple calendar will notify you with a green spot on its icon if there are some events occurring during the day.

Very unobtrusive way of notifying

Thanks for your hint…

Well, e os mimics iOS here and knowing that there is some event waiting doesn’t help me, as I use my calendar a lot. But thanks for your idea.

This will be the way I’ve to test…
Won’t work with Bliss Launcher though you will need one of the alternatives suggested.

I tried OpenLauncher, but the widget is not resizeable. It could, but apparently the arrows which are supposed to resize the frame are not clickable