Call volume and echo on T2e

Hi, I just got a teracube 2e with /e/os from the foundation website. I’m happy with almost every aspect of it except with the call quality.
With normal calls, the sound is very low both for me and the person I’m calling, even with volume raised to the maximum I can barely hear what the person is saying. And this is both with and without headphones. I’m in Canada with Rogers btw.
Also when I use Whatsapp for calls I hear perfectly fine, but the person I’m calling hears an echo of their own voice. So far this has only happened when using Whatsapp.
I’m not particularly good at navigating smartphone settings so maybe there’s an easy fix I missed. But I’m having trouble figuring out whether this is a problem with the os or with the phone itself.
Has anyone else had this problem ? Or can anyone suggest a fix ?

Hi, as a workaround can you try to install Simple Dialer and check if the calls from the dialer are audible. Wanted to check if there is an issue with the default dialer. There was an issue with the dialer some builds back which was resolved want to check if this is a regression.

I’ve downloaded simple dialer, however since then I haven’t been able to reproduce the error with the standard dialer. I don’t know if it is due to me using simple dialer first, or if the volume bug was just a one time thing. I suppose I should have been more thorough with my testing, sorry.

The issue with Whatsapp has persisted though.

Hey Frav. I am also in Canada and am on the waiting list for this phone. Quick question: which version of /e/ did this ship with?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, I immediately installed 0.18-20210827132306, so I’m not sure anymore what version it was when it arrived. I think it was 0.16-something.

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