Calling out Testers for the Teracube 2e

Continuing our tradition of partnering with smartphone vendors who are at the forefront of producing sustainable smart phones, we are pleased to announce that /e/OS has been successfully ported on to the Teracube 2e

You can have a look at the phone specifications for the 2e here

As the release is in its beta version we would like to request users who already have the device or who plan to purchase it to help us test the /e/ OS on the 2e.

If you are interested to help with the testing please send in the following details

Your /e/ gitlab username in the @username format

needed to add your name to the testing project

Your telegram username in the @username format

needed to add your name to the telegram testing channel

Please send the details to

Known issues

  • For a list of the known issue with the 2e check this link
  • The build as yet does not allow encryption…team is working on resolving this.
    Update: encryption issue was resolved by the development team.

Installation guide
Click here

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@Manoj sorry for my ignorance as I am newer with Gitlab. It appears this has been closed and corrected so encryption is now up and working. Can you confirm this is correct?

Yes the encryption issue was resolved.

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I am unable to encrypt the data partition on the 2e.

  1. I set up a screen lock at Settings > Security > Screen lock (I also have 2 fingerprints set up)

  2. I go to Settings > Security > Encryption & credentials > Encrypt phone > then execute the “Encrypt phone” command/button by entering the PIN and accepting.

  3. The phone shuts down showing the droid encrypt picture/diagram.

  4. The phone reboots like normal but does NOT require the PIN for “Starting Android”. It simply boots the system image and loads the OS.

  5. In Settings > Privacy > Trust, “Encryption” shows with a red unlocked icon and “Disabled”.

Do I need to raise this on Gitlab?

Yes pl . Have to check if the code changes have been merged into the build. Will update

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I’ll create and get this info to you.

Just checked. The encryption code is yet to be released. Pl note the next build for the 2e would have this code. Before applying the update users should take a backup as the code will result in data loss. Will get back with release date for the 2e build with encryption code

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