Week 22 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

Last week was not exactly good as far as updates go.

We had a lot of bugs and issues in the testing. They are being carried forward into this week. :frowning:

v0.17 Testing

  • There are a few builds which are still failing , which prevents the testers from running those tests.
    The team has identified issues why some of the builds failed . Will keep updating on the progress.
  • On the devices where the builds work there were some bugs which got identified.
  • There was an issue with the microG updates which came as part of the v0.17 fixes.
    • There is a workaround to test this…an apk of microG will be shared with the testers which they have to install - manually and then check if it resolves the issue.

    • Need this workaround since the microG update normally comes from the App Store. The version on the App Store cannot be updated without releasing it to all users. And we cannot release to all users without testing :frowning: So need this workaround of manually installing and testing.

OTA OS Upgrade Testing - There is bad news here. As reported last week we noted that post the upgrade to Q, the IMEI was not showing up in some devices. There will be a delay of a month in this as we need to write some code to fix this issue.

  • Let me explain …Most of you may have noticed that vendors upgrade the OS OTA for all devices. What they do is they create country specific firmware for each device. The build has to check which country the user is and accordingly download the firmware for the user’s device. Even within one country there can be multiple locations. We were trying to combine all the versions into one build but that did not work. So it is back to the code editors.

Teracube 2e Port Released - The beta version of the Teracube 2e was released last week. If you have this device and want to try out /e/ on it you can check the guide here. https://doc.e.foundation/devices/2e/install

New Device Release : Last week’s launch of 5 LG devices got delayed.

  • The reason for the delay was that we realized a bit late that we were building the ROM based on incorrect device trees. This was an error on my part. Had to connect the ROM Maintainer with the developer working on the builds. Will be doing that later today once the team comes in.
  • The devices that were due last week are
    • LG G4 (h810_usu) , LG G4 (h811) , LG G4 (h812_usu) , LG G4 (h815) , LG G4 (h815_usu) , LG G4 (vs986_usu)
  • This week there are 2 schedule releases which will now be clubbed with the previous list . The devices are
    • Samsung J5 (j5y17lte) , OnePlus 7T pro (hotdog)
      Based on the ROM Maintainer request hotdog has been moved to week 26.
    • Waiting for the developer to start these builds.

Seedvault Integration Development is on hold. The developer has been assigned on some other priority tasks. I accept this is a frequent excuse but one that will get repeated until we have a sizable pool of resources. By ‘priority tasks’ I mean bugs that crash devices or applications. These issues take priority over other issues. Once we have some slack we will be re-assigning the developers. No ETAs for now on the Seedvault integration.

This thread will be updated over this week as more inputs are available

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@Manoj Anything you can tell us regarding updates to a Seedvault rollout?

There are a few issues open on Seedvault …will check and get back on the the current status


I have updated in the main post above.

Appreciate the update.

Time to create beta channel for Apps in the App Store :wink:

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Awesome news regarding the LG G4 ! All the best to you and @steadfasterX ! :wink:

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