Calyx rebases their Chromium fork onto Bromite in June Update

it’s notable that Calyx changed to Bromite too (from their own chromium fork), more users seeing bugs in Apps that utilitize a WebView provided by Bromite. You’ll often see WebView used to authenticate a user at first start - a major stopgap when those don’t work.

Bromite has some very useful features, and scores well on privacy tests thanks to their extensive patches. Thus it was decided that we will start to ship a fork of Bromite as our version of Chromium.

We also used to ship DuckDuckGo Browser as the default, but we’ve dropped that in the June update.

Reminder that /e/'s fork of Bromite currently is 3 major versions behind and has 110 known vulnerabilities:

/e/ team you need to start actually maintaining this critical component of your system.

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Pinging @Manoj.

useful table, do you autogenerate parts of it or curate dates by hand?

Maybe using a fdroid repo too to publish App updates separately from OS updates can achieve it - starting with Bromite?

Issues asking for quicker webview/browser update cycles started with #1243, some spawning in between, to the latest #4903. Well it’s a hard task balancing resources :slight_smile:

I maintain those tables by hand.

While I have requested for the update to the latest version, based on the frequent issues we get with Bromite, the team is discussing moving away from it entirely. Still under discussions.


Hopefully there will be announcement with some estimated roadmap & other info about new base, if base of browser will be decided to change

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