Camera crashes after Update e/os 1.9

since OTA-update on e/os 1.9 the camera crashes before doing anything. Smartphone is MOTO G3/osprey. This happens on more than one MOTO G3 (I know three). The camera app cannot be reinstalled, so there is no possibility to try anything. Using another app is not really a solution: the camera is otherwise good.
I found threads over other devices where the same happens; there is a bug report to find. But not for MOTO G3/osprey.
Will there come a solution?
Regards cehuisken

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It sounds very much as if you have the same bag as

but no one yet reported your devices !

There is a fix coming in 1.10, as already reported tested ok in that issue.

To check that you are affected by this actual bug I would suggest that you could simply install the fix named app-debug_pixel_fix.apk.

app-debug_pixel_fix.apk works fine on MOTO G3. Thanks!


i have the same Problem. I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo. After installing the update 1.9 the Camera App doesnt start. The “Open Camera App” from App Lounge runs fine.

Another User have the same Problem: Aktualisierung auf /e/OS 1.9

Same problem on Moto G4 Play and e/os 1.9 the system build-in camera app crashes / do not open.

In e/OS 1.7 and 1.8.1 camera app works fine.

I wonder why e/os 1.9 can still be downloadet and rollout by SystemUpdate with this kind of bug !?!

This should be stoppt !

Should be fixed with 1.10, which is available.

Danke für den Hinweis,
aber e/os 1.10 werde ich vorerst nicht / erst nach einer neuen vollständigen Datensicherung
(eventuell) ausprobieren.
Alles andere ist mir zu unsicher,
da e/os ab 1.x scheinbar nicht mehr zuverlässig mit dem Moto G4 Play getestet zu werden scheint
bzw. es zu viele Bugs mit dem Gerät gibt.
Bis dahin habe ich (mit Datenverlusten) auf die Version 1.8.1 zurückgerollt.

Ich bin seit e/os 0.14 mit dem Moto G4 play dabei und hatte bis Version 1.x fast keine Probleme.