Can I install e/OS over LOS?

Pixcel 4a, Sunfish.

Have been using LOS-18 for a while and would like to return e/OS. Given that e/OS is based on LOS and I have the current LOS Recovery (looks the same as e/OS) installed, can I just do an “Update” with the latest e/OS Sunfish Download zip?

I have a lot of data stuff I cannot easily transfer over.

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You will loose your data

Actually, you may not lose your apps and data. If you install without wiping your data, then some of it may remain, though there is no guarantee it will work :wink:

An alternative approach is to back up your LOS apps and data using SeedVault (which I believe is built-in to LOS.) and a project like Android Backup and Restore Tools

When you have installed /e/ OS, you can try restoring the apps and data

  • SeedVault has been present in /e/ OS for a while, though it is not enabled in the UI. This form post describes how you can use it from the command line using adb shell
  • Android Backup and Restore Tools contains scripts to restore some or all of your apps and data

Of the two, I would be inclined to try the Android Backup and Restore Tools restore first but, if you backup using both methods, you at lease have two chances that it will work :slight_smile:

Of course there is no guarantee that either will actually work, so you should definitely flash TWRP Recovery in place of LOS recovery, and use that to backup your existing LOS system, apps and data, so that you have a fallback if you can’t make /e/ work. For peace of mind, try restoring your TWRP bacjup, before you set about doing anything else.

If you choose this approach, it’s not something that can be done in a few minutes. you would need to set aside a couple of days to work on it, and you will be without access to a working phone for a good part of that time.

Good luck!

If i change from one os to another, and it doesn’t matter if both are LinOS Derivats or not, i will only do a clean install.
With a wipe.

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As a reminder : LOS version (18) refers to Android version (10), but /e/ version (0.18) does NOT.
So you should use any /e/ Q builds (0.18 or 0.19).

I’ll go for @petefoth method, including backup of course :+1:

I’m pretty sure that LOS18 is Android 11 / R and LOS 17 is Android 10 Q

This device is a new device for /e/ - there was no Q or earlier release. The download page for this device, contains only a sinlge /e/ ROM which is an Android R Beta release. So don’t expect ‘production quality’ just yet :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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You’re absolutely right, I’m going crazy with all these version strings :scream_cat:

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Thanks for that detailed reply. Very much appreciated. I have Seedvault (SV) active in LOS, but because if the insane 12-password requirements for Recovery, I doubt I have them written down. I don’t get the thinking to SV, one password to open the phone, 12 to restore. Nonsense. Rant off. :slight_smile:

OK, back to business. After poking around with a File Manager, the only data I would lose is the shopping list stuff. I will take screen shots, install the appropriate e/OS and manually rebuild the 20+ lists. I have been able to locate enough data files for the few other important Apps I use.

TWRP question? I have tried using TWRP with LOS and it would never correctly Restore a saved Backup so I gave up and went back to the clunky-LOS Recovery. Something to do with the A/B-partition thing I believe.

Are you saying I could now go back to TWRP with e/OS ?


You could create a new SV backup with a new list of 12 passwords. I agree it’s insane :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise yours is an A/B partition device. I recall there were problems with TWRP backups for these devices, but I don’t have one myself, and I have no idea of the problems with TWRP backup have been fixed. I suggest starting a new thread on just that question. Unless you get a positive response then I wouldn’t rely on TWRP.

I would still suggest taking a look at the Android Backup and Restore Tools project I linked to earlier.

Take a screenshot…


Restoring with seedvault feel longer than with TWRP.

TWRP only full restore on same device model, same OS major version, you must wipe the appropriate /partitions, and maybe format /data if needed (changeOS) always reboot after format /data, so reboot to recovery…
and then you can restore…

Thanks, after writing that about TWRP, I looked at the TWRP website for a download and Sunfish has been pulled. There are some options on XDA that need a Kacked kernel. Not a fan of that so I will live with the backups or manual Shopping thing.

I have a paid .apk version of Titanium, but it too lacks features for the A/B thing. Love this phone for it’s size and screen, but it is out-on-a-limb in some other ways.

I’ll just do a clean install, maybe over the weekend.

Thanks everyone for help and suggestions.

Thanks, but TWRP have dropped support for the Pixel-4a.