Can not phone... Can not create APN entry point - after update to /e/ 1.1. on moto G3 osprey; Can not select manually the carrier

Hi aibd, thank you for your response.
The Wifi-on-setting of APN I did, but without success. And I used two options of APN instruction - both did not worked.

But I need to clarifiy: my SIM card services do not work at all. And on the APN site is written: “Die Einstellungen für den Zugangspunkt sind für diesen Nutzer nicht verfügbar” Translated: “The settings for the accesspoint are not available for this user”
And beside the SIM-Icon is written “Nur Notrufe (SIM-Karte ist gesperrt.)” Translated: “Only Emergency calls (SIM card is locked)”

Hmmm … I think those are fairly standard messages for a SIM which has no connection to your carrier (although more common are the cases I linked with partial connection to the carrier airwaves).

What does your carrier say about this? (He is collecting your subscription for zero service!) I hope your carrier is not one which makes a big charge for this type of call … if so perhaps you can email.

Currently many carriers are changing APN with tiny changes due to changing technologies worldwide. If doing changes manually you have to be sure to have the latest published data.

Edit; If it were the phone and not an APN setting issue … this 20 point list came up in a search 20 Fixes For The "No SIM Card: Emergency Calls Only" Error

I phoned my carrier - all is ok from this side…
And my SIM is well working, when it is in another Smartphone which is not /e/ 1.1, but a normal googleandroid.

Before the upgrade to /e/ 1.1 the SIM worked in my normal Smartphone also quite well.

When I want to switch off the automatical selection of the carrier net - my display gets dark and the settings app hangs up and I have to restart it.

Did you ask for this to be done? As in “Please send the APN to my device”.

I see you have a difficulty when you cannot get a line ( ! ) but the issue is not a defective SIM card, but it is not registered within the /e/ device.

I suggest that, when you speak to the carrier, you need to explain the card is on “Emergency calls only”. The person who takes the call should be able to tell that the SIM card is “live” and be able push the APN to that device.

(Of course there is always the possibility that is is not APN issue but that the SIM has not been accepted/recognised at all by the device, BUT in these circumstances I would expect a different error message ( NO SIM ) and you could not make Emergency calls.)

Yes, he sent me an SMS with the configurations - but in the moment in this Handy I can not receive his SMS…

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Ok, thank you.

Now I have just seen this post (not finished reading it yet) where Moto G3 is mentioned with a similar issue in LineageOS

Thank you!
I looked at it, but this person has net - only the slowest.

I do not have any net - and my phone neither asks me about the PIN of my SIM card, when I enter it…
So I think really the problem is: How can I bring my /e/ Os to recognise my SIM and ask for the PIN?

Another point in your OP … you mention update to /e/ 1.1 … what was the device running previously?

As I read the Lineage link … is does seem to include others who “performed an update”.

So I think really the problem is: How can I bring my /e/ Os to recognise my SIM and ask for the PIN?

AFAIK while the phone can make emergency calls, the carrier should be able to push the APN.

While the OP in the other thread has a different issue … the answer I specifically link is closer to your situation.

Previously the device was running with the OS /e/ 0.23

Do you think this should work, although my SIM is locked and the OS did not pushed me for the PIN of my SIM?
Mmh… the problem is: The number of the carrier I can only phone using a Alditalknumber… - so I can not have the SIM at the same time in my phone and the same time phoning the carrier. But I can look, if I find another person with the same carrier.

Ah ok.

To answer a question with a question … is it not the same situation as the carrier putting into service a brand new SIM in a brand new phone?

Of course the carrier thinks this will have happened automagically … until you tell him different :slight_smile:

I am not sure: Because in the Brand-New-Scenario the phone would push me to enter the PIN of the SIM. And in my case this did not happen. And the other thing is, that I am not able to create manually APNs.

But I can test it, who knows…

I see that it is uncertain … but please do check out that link to Gitlab LineageOS Moto G5 (&G3) issue(s) and suggestions too. :slight_smile:
This one I looked and I changed the preferred net types - but nothing happens.
Changing APNs I can not - all I want to save gets lost.

Here you can see it: “The settings for the accesspoint are not available for this user”

I get that … there were a number of suggestions … I thought they might provide an idea! Did you try this

Here is a workaround, because cellular data is not working for me after each reboot, update or otherwise:

Switch network type to “GSM/WCDMA”, wait for connection, then switch network type back to “GSM/WCDMA/LTE”, and it connects to 4G network.

/quoting from the earlier “workaround” link

But I am just including this under the heading of “other ideas” … if it doesn’t work … the issue is somewhere else. :slight_smile:

Yeah, thank you. I proofed it. But nothing changes.

  • I still can not enter the Pin for the SIM card
  • I still have no permission working on APN
  • The SIM card still is locked, only option of “emergency calls”

My Phone realises, that in it is my MedionMobile Sim Card, but I do not have any normal net connection, except emergency calls.

I searched for other similar cases in the forum and put in the search “only emergency calls” or “SIM not recognised”.

These articles I looked at and checked, if there is something similar, but in these cases I realised that their problems are of different kind. Nevertheless the list:


Just to add to your research this is the source of the APN which I expect to have gone to your device at update, the apns-config.xml prebuilt/common/etc/apns-conf.xml · v1-q · e / os / android_vendor_lineage · GitLab.

As a matter of interest I searched this list for my (supermarket, cut price) carrier. I find 3 matching lines. Interesting too that at first glance they are incorrect (out of date)! This explains why, in my case, if I format the data partition, I have to ring the carrier and ask them to push the APN to the device.

It is certainly unusual to see zero contact with the carrier airwaves! I fully see the difficulties, but I do not read that you succeeded in getting the carrier to push the APN direct to the device.

Thank you. I tested the APN with these dates another time, but after “save” the APN I wrote disappears…

Yeah, but in your case your phone also not asked you for the PIN of the SIM card and did you have “only emergency calls” also?

At the moment I phoned another time my carrier. She said, that she can not do anything, since I have no connection to the mobile network, except emergency calls. I neither can recieve SMS. She asked me, if my phone has a SIM-lock. I think that should not be in /e/ and before the upgrade my SIM worked fine.

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Does the phone not asks for the PIN if there would be a SIM-lock?

Are there possibilities of other ways to enter my SIM-PIN? Besides the “normal” “beeing asked with the field of numbers”?

Thank you for getting this confirmed, with this I think we exhausted the APN angle.

Do you feel you have a singular “SIM card not doing its job correctly” and that because of the update effective contact with the SIM had been lost? If so … you might consider

  1. Reinstall the current version

  2. Downgrade to the last working /e/ version – for either of these options, please refer to the install page for details and downloads. (An upgrade page exists, but note this is for OS Version upgrade.)

  3. Factory reset – the most extreme as your data will be lost, so you would have to ensure a backup first. A TWRP data backup would be useful in this case, but I always like a double backup of important stuff. exists but your device may have the /e/ Recovery.

Carrying out a downgrade of /e/ version should be no more risk than the update. I would expect the downgrade to fairly painless. You should not need to delete data.
I do not know if you have /e/ Recovery or TWRP.

TWRP allows you to install the /e/ image by downloading it and put it in an accessible place on the device, internal storage or SD card. Or copy to SD card from PC. I am not certain if /e/ Recovery will do this.

Using the sideload method, in brief it would involve

On the device
Enable usb debugging,
Boot into Recovery mode – will look and feel different comparing TWRP and /e/ Recovery.
Select the ART/Dalvic, Cache and System partitions to be wiped and then Swipe to Wipe
select Advanced, ADB Sideload …
… ensure you have connection with PC, see below …
then Swipe to begin sideload.

On the connected PC which should have adb enabled (this page is available for Windows and Linux). Do the first command below simply to ensure you have contact with the device, nothing happens other than check you have contact and gave authorisation to the PC to debug. Depending on your adb install method you might prefix the commands with ./

adb devices
adb sideload /path/to/downloaded/

Footnote Doing any “repairs” knowing you have good backup is wise. TWRP allows you to make a backup of your data partition (see above).

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