Can`t connect keepass to ecloud after update to nextcloud 24

Since the self hosted eCloud is on NextCloud 24, I can`t connect the keepass app on windows (v.2.53.1) nor on Keepass2Android (v.1.09d-r0) with my keepass vault on ecloud.
Befor the nextcloud update the connection was fine via the URL: and my username and password in the windows keepass app.
Now I get the error message: “The selected file cannot be loaded! No data can be read from the transmission connection: The connection has been closed.”
And while syncing the keepass vault an my eOS-phone, I get the error message: " Unexpected end of stream"
It ist quite important for me to connect with the vault on the ecloud again and to sync it with my mobil.
Any ideas, please?

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Are your referring to a self-hosted instance, or Murena cloud?
For Murena, your problem may not be related to Nextcloud version, but to the DNS domain migration.
Try changing with (, and please remember that path is case-sensitive.
You can test it in any web browser, you will be asked for your credentials then the file should download. Just tested with and my account, works fine (the file exists, of course).

I am referring to the murena cloud and the access doesn`t work ether with ( nor with ( I tried both URL’s with a jpg image in a web browser and got access to the image after filling in my credentials.
Any other ideas?

So, it’s a problem with your app.
You may also try with the WebDAV link, at bottom of Murena Cloud Files app (in web browser). You can add folder+file to the URL. It’s like (replace “someone”).

I allready tried the WebDAV link, at bottom of Murena Cloud Files app in web browser (with „dav“ instead of „webdav“ and the email address in the URL), but there wasn‘t any success either. I am still wondering, why both different apps (keepass on windows and keepass2android on my eOS phone) have the same problems with connecting to the kdbx-database. Is there any other command like „dav:URL“ to connect via the webdav-protokoll with a file on our ecloud?

You may find this excellent post by @marcdw :clap: of interest: [HOWTO] Use the Account Manager - #14 by marcdw

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I am not sure why the connection between the keepass kdbx-file on my murena cloud and the different keepass apps on my mobile and stationary computers ist working again, but it actually does. The only thing I did is to mount once my kdbx-file on the murena cloud with the account manager on eOS as @smu44 was mayby indirectly suggesting. So thanks a lot!

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