Cannot install /e/OS in FP2

Hi all,
following the installation documentation for Fairphone 2, I tried to install the latest /e/OS version ( from the webpage linked by the documentation. I managed to install TWRP recovery.
However, on executing the command adb sideload, the error message on the device is Invalid zip file format!.
I found several posts to this error, but none seemed to include my configuration. I unzipped the zip file and rezipped it again: nothing changed.

Before that, the Fairphone 2 was running on Fairphone OS (with Google spam).

Any help will be appreciated!

hi, there is incoherence in the install instruction page

is not the right file to use with “adb sideload command”, ( it is intented to use with “fastboot flash command”) as it is detailled in the FP3 or FP4 documentation

for using adb sideload command, try with this one :
if (as i think) you already have latest stock installed


How do you know?
Is there a documentation?
Is there a webpage with the newest version?

by learning on this Forum. is the lastest build released less than a week ago.

you can complain here :
Fairphone - FP2 - FP2 - Documentation Suggestions

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… and hopelessly outdated.

Be aware, however, that while /e/OS still build their Android 11 (R) for the Fairphone 2, they are about to end this and are not including security updates anymore anyway since the final Android 11 round of security updates back in February.

You are trying to ride a dead horse here.

The only halfway viable way forward with a Fairphone 2 I’ve seen so far is here.

that is because it is possible and open source, that i was thinking the /e/ team backport security patch,
i can’t understand why they don’t…

@maver - sideload not being an option, when you unpack the FP2 dev-channel zip, there is a ./ script who bundles all fastboot commands that need to run. I think they went with that approach to include all firmware files (modem, etc…).

Another user noticed the docs being off for the dev builds at Fairphone - FP2 - FP2 - Documentation Suggestions - #22 by HippiE

I totally can. But we both don’t know in detail how this is done in practice and what the possible drawbacks and necessary compromises are.

Conceptually, backporting security patches to Android versions for which the patches were not originally intended doesn’t sound like it should be the norm, and it isn’t the norm as far as we can see, and this could be an indication how feasible this is overall for any project like /e/OS.

Every project has its priorities. /e/OS have their hands full tending to theirs, the other project backports security patches.

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@piero @AnotherElk : Thank you for your help and your posts.

I am aware of discontinued security updates. I think of using this unused FP2 as a temporary device while I send my FP3 for repair and hope for the best regarding security.