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I guess the following section is general and not device specific:

Tip: Installing a custom recovery or unlocking the bootloader will erase all data on your device! Take a backup of your data before proceeding!!

This is not true for the FP2. Flashing TWRP doesn’t erase data. And the FP2 comes unlocked by default and the bootloader cannot be locked (by accident which then would require a later unlock).


Thanks Ingo will make the correction in the documentation specific to the FP2


I just upgraded from Pie 0.13 to Q 0.14 successfully. For me it run as easy as a normal Pie version upgrade. Here was my very simple procedure all on FP2 :

  1. Download the build
  2. move the .zip to the SD card
  3. stop the phone
  4. Press poweroff button and volume up to start in recovery mode
  5. Backup the system to the SD card
  6. Click install and swipe
  7. Wait ~5min
  8. The phone restarts and you have android 10
  9. All apps and data are still there!


  • TWRP tested
  • No adb fastboot required
  • SD card with >4GB free
  • Battery level >50% and/or phone plugged.
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I have just installed /e/ to my FP2 following the guide.
One thing gave me a bit of a headache: After sucessfully (according to terminal output) flashing TWRP you have to reboot to recovery (step 5).

At this point a accidentally booted to system and lost TWRP. Booting to recovery now showed only the lying android, exclamation sign and “no command”, as if nothing had been flashed.

After some googling I found that if you boot to system right after flashing the recovery image, TWRP is overwritten/deleted/whatever so you must make sure to boot to recovery right away to keep it on the device.

To be sure, just use the manual method described as an alternative: press and hold power+volume up and you’re save :slight_smile: