Cannot log in to check emails since switch to Murena (29th May)

Good morning,

I cannot log in to check my emails. now takes me to this new Murena page, but after typing my username (or full email address), adding the password and pressing Enter, the entries just disappear.

I don’t receive a message, such as “username not recognised” or “incorrect password”.

How can I check my emails on a computer?

Thank you.

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Hi @mart0n welcome to the /e/ forum.

The interface did change – I checked it worked for me now. You sign in from a PC with, or, exactly the same link

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply. After a few more attempts I started getting a Murena “down for maintenance” page. Today, a day later, it is working fine. So, while I truly wasn’t able to log in, this was due to some kind of maintenance issue rather than the switch to Murena.


Still can’t login in here

Pl send a mail to with the details. The team will help resolve your issue.

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Did that, but just wanted to update that now even my phone can’t connect to my account.

Hmm, I cannot even try to login today.
The Murena startpage seems actually to just allow new accounts.

Hmm, strange, now it works (again?).

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