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  • This post is to help users and casual browsers find their way around /e/.
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Migration Woes

We have a few posts here which should help you if you are coming to /e/ from another OS

Supported devices

List of officially supported devices

How to find your device in this screen ?
  • On the Officially Supported devices screen or the Smartphone Selector screen you can search for a device name by typing the name in the text box as shown in the screen shot here…

  • To search for phones with specific features like Dual sim or removable batteries , click on the text
    Looking for a Specific Model ....
    This will open a small section in the screen where you can choose these options as shown in this screenshot

Unofficial Builds

  • If you don’t find your phone in the supported devices lists, you can request support for it on our community forum. We evaluate phone support based on most popular requests and feasibility.
  • You could check if there are some Unofficial builds, made by the community. Those are visible here UnOfficial Builds - /e/ community

Applications on /e/

Please note it is not mandatory that you create an /e/ ID to use the /e/OS. Having an /e/ ID helps connect you with the services which come as part of the /e/ Experience …

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