Can't format SD card as internal on Moto G7 Plus XT1965-T

Hi, in anticipation of the upcoming ATT VoLTE deadline here in the US, I transitioned from a Samsung S9 SM-G960F to a Moto G7 Plus XT1965-T. Overall it was much simpler and easier to install /e/ on the Moto compared to the Samsung.

One issue I’m seeing is there is no option to format the SD card as internal storage. The card I am using was used previously in the S9 as external (portable) storage. Since this configuration didn’t work very well with Gallery, I decided to format the SD card as internal in the hopes of it working better with Gallery and for storing photos. However when I format the card, there’s no option for choosing internal or portable storage. Just a confirmation pop-up and then it formats as portable. Running

How do I format the SD as internal?

From what I remember, /e/ developers deactivated the option to format the SD card as internal recently. The reason is that under Android 10, this way to format the SD card kept causing major issues with saving files etc. (e.g. photos taken were simply not saved and were lost). And I can confirm that these problems occured (previously) both under /e/OS and the Google-certified Fairphone OS.

The internal SD card option is planned to return once the aforementioned issues have been overcome.

See “SD card data save issue” here:

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Thank you for this info.

Sorry to come in late. I use a Motorola Moto E 4G LTE (Surnia) - /e/ is working great on it but I only have 8GB of total space. Now I am down to 2GB, after installing the OS and the apps I need.

Do you know if there is any way to activate this feature again? I would desperately need to either make my external SD Card part of the internal storage space or install apps on the external SD Card. There seems to be no option to place apps on the external SD card and therefore my only option seems to be to extend the internal storage to encompass also the external SD card.

Any thoughts?

I do not see any way to set up your SD card as internal storage and have it functional.

You are writing “after installing the OS and the apps I need”. In your situation, I only see one strategy: Save (directly where possible) or manually move as much app data as possible to the SD card (formatted as portable storage), especially videos, photos and music. I know this has limits (messenger apps like Whatsapp won’t allow you to do this or won’t work as intended if you move data to the card). Wherever possible, set the SD card as your saving location in app settings.

Apart from this, saving data to a cloud is an option, but I guess many here find this not acceptable.

Thank you for your reply. My problem is that after only installing the system and most apps I need, six GB out of 8 GB is full. I haven’t really taken any pictures yet.

I remember this problem from back in the day when internal storage always was this small. Loved the ability to install apps on the external SD back then.

Somewhere I read about a possibility to add this feature in develepor tools, but I can’t see it. How about a terminal command?

I have my own server running NextCloud, so cloud storage isn’t normally a problem for me.

(a near empty surnia is around 2-3GB spaceusage of the 8GB last I checked)

maybe this still works - android - How to turn a portable SD card into internal storage via ADB command? - Stack Overflow … but if I remember correctly, depending on if you use fulldiskencryption the rootdir/etc/fstab.qcom line for the sdcard needs the encryptable=footer option to be adoptable