Can't format SD card as internal on Moto G7 Plus XT1965-T

Hi, in anticipation of the upcoming ATT VoLTE deadline here in the US, I transitioned from a Samsung S9 SM-G960F to a Moto G7 Plus XT1965-T. Overall it was much simpler and easier to install /e/ on the Moto compared to the Samsung.

One issue I’m seeing is there is no option to format the SD card as internal storage. The card I am using was used previously in the S9 as external (portable) storage. Since this configuration didn’t work very well with Gallery, I decided to format the SD card as internal in the hopes of it working better with Gallery and for storing photos. However when I format the card, there’s no option for choosing internal or portable storage. Just a confirmation pop-up and then it formats as portable. Running

How do I format the SD as internal?

From what I remember, /e/ developers deactivated the option to format the SD card as internal recently. The reason is that under Android 10, this way to format the SD card kept causing major issues with saving files etc. (e.g. photos taken were simply not saved and were lost). And I can confirm that these problems occured (previously) both under /e/OS and the Google-certified Fairphone OS.

The internal SD card option is planned to return once the aforementioned issues have been overcome.

See “SD card data save issue” here:

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Thank you for this info.