Can't import contacts from Google .csv export

I just tried to import a .csv file into the /e/ address book that was exported from my Google contacts. All I got was a message saying that it finished importing “0” contacts. The .csv file contains hundreds of contacts.

Previously, my /e/ address book contained imported contacts but not most phone numbers of those contacts. They were imported from Google as well, though I can’t remember if that was through the migration tool or a manual import in the /e/ address book.

This means that so far I cannot place a phone call from my contacts on my smartphone running /e/. I have to manually enter each phone number.

Aside from that I also have another telephony issue: I am not getting WhatsApp or Element to ring with a ringtone when I am being called. Instead, I can only choose among short notification sounds. It means that I miss most phone calls.

Here’s my post on that issue:

Thanks for any help.

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Edited for error ! I do not know if we ever got the definitive answer on .vcf import / export, Search results for '.vcf export order:latest' - /e/ community, but there are different .vcf versions. There are tools to convert .vcf files and I had to use one when I first started using /e/ but I did not keep notes ! [1]

In my case it was trial and error. (It might have been quicker to divide a list or group of contacts to so 30 items at a time)

Migrate to /e/

I have done some research, without finding anything definitive (perhaps more time would be required !). Many (older) useful links come from this starting point Import vcard 2.1 to address book - 📆 Calendar - Nextcloud community.

@Klokkentoren I would like to propose (tentatively) that Nextcloud and hence /e/ require a .vcf version >=3. Contacts 3.0.0 by skjnldsv · Pull Request #596 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub