Can't login in Soundcloud

Have installed Soundcould on my FP3+.
Have tried from App & from Aptoide, same problem.
Have followed all the procedure on forum, to clear cache, stop it, re-install, on internal memory…
Have verified my ID/pswrd. Reloaded on my desktop, changed the e-mail…
No success so far
Anyone can help?

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W ActivityManager: Unable to start service Intent { } U=0: not found

the App is trying to open a Recaptcha dialog on login (even when credentials are proper). MicroG somehow can’t handle this yet, despite having Recaptcha support built in. It’s similar to this report: [com.discord] Discord - Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends · Issue #1374 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

As upstream moved that code, I guess this is a compatability fix - Move ReCAPTCHA Activity to UI package · microg/GmsCore@91071bb · GitHub

I have microg installed, the fix is in >= - so either you replace it or wait for the next release

or I’m mistaken and it is yet unimplemented, see GmsCore/AndroidManifest.xml at 4a5c98491bcfe4754b3efcfed20f3ada75a6ebec · microg/GmsCore · GitHub - it’s within the dummy services. Probably worth a microg github or gitlab.e backlog issue

Not sure to understand exactly what I need to do.
I’m new to this.

I have MicroG in my custom /e/ build. I can confirm that it handles ReCapcha OK: I can login to the Strava and Guardian (UK newspaper) apps which protect their logins with reCapcha.

I can also confirm that version in official /e/OS build 0.21-20220114 (with Exposure Notification Framework installed, on Sony Xperia Z3) also allows login to both app after completing reCapcha.

So I don’t think it is related to what MicroG version you have.

I can’t test on Soundcloud, as I don’t have an account

Thanks for the info.
For the moment I access my soundcloud acct via my browser on my phone.
Not so user-friendly, but it works…

there are a few different paths to call a Recaptcha - via safetynet, firebase-auth and apparently the intent that Soundcloud launches. The last can currently not work, as it points to the DummyService class within microg, a stub class. I don’t think there is much code that can answer there but a error code that bestcase can avoid a hard crash. I’ll file this at microg, as this isn’t implemented yet and a more current version wouldn’t make a difference

Edit: [] Recaptcha at Email Sign-in is not showing · Issue #1654 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

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Thanks for the info.

Are there any updates on this issue? I have also contacted soundcloud support, but have only found this thread after.

Is there some workaround via root?

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For access to soundcloud (and youtube),
Better you can use “newpipe” from F-droid

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as of writing it’s still a dummy class. No workaround as long as the app uses that class for the Recaptcha (there are others to draw a recaptcha though) - or until microg converts the dummy too into working code that again, draws a recaptcha

I’m having the same problem and I’m really annoyed by this. Alternative apps like Newpipe are nice for streaming single tracks, but not for exploring new music. And yeah, using it in a browser kinda works, but after a while it’s just a pain. Normally I would use the Soundcloud app every day, and I’m actually thinking of going back to normal Android just for this one app.
So, long story short: here’s another frustrated e-user desperately looking for a solution to this:(

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I only tested and filed the bug if email+pass login is used… I think the single-sign-on methods can probably work as they probably don’t use a Recaptcha: Google/Facebook/Apple-ID… did anyone test?

Also I pestered soundcloud support to offer a webview based fallback but don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

I also contacted soundcloud. Here is what they told me:

  • since beta test requires Google account, people suffering from this issue can not help (we obviously do not have a Google account…). Beta is only available through play store, so soundcloud has a systematic blind spot here.

  • for this reason soundcloud has decided to “not prioritize” this issue. This may change, if more users make the same request. => Please do that! Everyone please get in touch with Them. Also,it maybe helpfull,is someone from e OS gets in touch with them.

  • soundcloud recommends using Google play services. I do not think I need to comment this recommendation here.

So our best chances lie with e OS/ microg ( plus the Chance of enough pressure on soundcloud to actually tackle the issue).

Some people have looked at the code and identified it as a stub. Since recaptcha works in other contexts, I would assume it can not be that difficult to extend?

Some people have looked at the code and identified it as a stub. Since recaptcha works in other contexts, I would assume it can not be that difficult to extend?

the safetynet recaptcha code is a different API than the “general” The latter has more parameters (actiontypes - login, signup etc) - more to reimplement. One can’t copy it over and replace the stub class with it. I see repo activity warming up again this summer, there’s a long backlog though

Well,the current stub results in a failure. Could one not add a stub that will always return a pass?

Thanks a lot! I’ll send them a request every single day if I must:D

good idea if the recaptcha protected method isn’t expected to return e.g. a valid login cookie. So you won’t see a method error, but still can’t login

Can you provide some information/templates/links for contacting Soundcloud on this issue

I do not have an issue ID vor template. Please contact soundclouds support and describe that you are locked out oft the APP since you do not habe Google play services in your phone.