Can't store photos in SD card with Open Camera

Hi all!

just starting to use a new refurbished Galaxy S7 acquired some days ago.

I was already using LineageOS and previously CyanogenMod. Always used Open Camera.
Now on /e/ I can’t change the storage folder to the external SD as I did before at Lineage. I even formatted SD again but on every folder I try it said that can’t write there.
Open Camera has storage permissions.

Any idea?

I’m afraid I can only confirm that. On an e-nougat device as well as e-pie device only the selection for a “new folder” within directory /storage/emulated/0/DCIN/OpenCamera is possible.

I’ve tried on Fairphone with /e/ pie version and it works perfectly. Have you enabled “Use Storage Access Framework” setting in OpenCamera? More details you’ll find in the OpenCamera FAQ.


Now! The direct storage of the camera images on microSD works ;-))
@ff2u, Thanks for the tip.


Ah, OK!

Thanks a lot @ff2u !

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Yes now opencamera save the photos on sdcard but Gallery can’t open those photos.

I was there yesterday – replace Gallery with something better (for me it’s the one from Simple Mobile Tools (, available both from Play Store and F-Droid. (I’d have replaced the gallery anyway, but at the moment of configuring OpenCamera still only had the stock one installed).

(This is short thread and very on topic, so I don’t want to create a new one)

As of today, the problem with Gallery persists.

Another problem is that the syncing stops working as well as described in a comment in [HOWTO] Use the Camera App, and you need to disable it and set up the sync with Nextcloud app by hand.

Is there any plans to fix this in the future? Or is saving photos to SD out of scope of /e/OS and we need to rely on non-default apps?