Use the SDCard as an internal storage

I know there are already various topics on this question (like this one: Can't store photos in SD card with Open Camera), but I still cannot figure out how to move my data from the internal to SDCard storage.

In the post linked here above, one response talks about the “Use Storage Access Framework” option of the OpenCamera app, but I cannot find it. Other says that when inserting the SD card for the first time, but in my case, /e/os did not ask to use it as internal storage and I cannot find a setting to switch app to the SD (as it exist on normal android version).

Is there a clear tuto on this subject?

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OpenCamera -> Settings -> More Camera Settings -> Use Storage Access Framework

It’s a slider switch. After this you must select a location on that SD card, otherwise the pictures are still saved in the internal memory.

(My device speaks German, don’t know if the English names above are correct.)


Thanks. Don’t know how come I could not find it before… :wink:

Yes, the settings in OpenCamera are complicated and in many cases you don’t know what they should mean. In this case here it’s questionable why there’s this damned option? When the user selects a directory on the SD card then he probably wants to use this one, this means then that he needs also the “Storage Access Framework”, If he lets the location on the internal device memory then not. This rather technical setting “Use Storage Access Framework” is completely superfluous for the user but it’s also used in other apps.


Use Storage Access Framework - If selected, Open Camera will instead use the Android Storage Access Framework. This has some advantages, such as using the standard Android file picker, and being the only way to save to SD cards on Android 5+. Furthermore on Android 10+, it is the only way to save outside of the DCIM/ folder. (Requires Android 5.0 or higher.)”

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Of course it has advantages. But this is not transparent at all for the user.

Months ago I tried a lot to set a folder on my SD card and then it just didn’t work because of that damned option was not set. This is confusing and frustrating.

The answer to the question why this option exists and why it’s not on by default is still not given. This is as childish as “I have much better things for you but you must beg me to get them.”

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