Carnet — the Evernote alternative I was looking for

It’s been a long time since I planned to transfer my entire family to digital notes from “analog” papers that littered our house. Unfortunately, I could not find an open-source solution that met my following requirements:

  • intuitively understandable from the first glance
  • multi-platform
  • self-hosted

Luckily, there is an enterprising software developer who shares my views, аnd recently he released a new application called Carnet, which I think could become the finest digital notepad for everyone. Just like /e/, this project is still very young, but just as promising and already very pleasant in use.

I doubt Carnet will ever be included in the /e/ build, but it certainly deserves attention as an advanced alternative to the current Nextcloud Notes for those who need extra features in easy package:


I’m using Carnet and ditched Keep for some time, and I’m quite happy with the app, as it offers many of the features that Keep has (photos/images, bullet notes…), and supports Nexctloud integration in the
I only encountered 2 ‘problems’:

  • I can’t see the notes in, just in the phone
  • When tapping a note to open it, if its a bullet list, instead of opening the note it marks the element you tapped as ‘done’, and sometimes its quite annoying.

Carnet is actively developed and receives regular improvements. Just create an issue on Github or communicate with the developer in the Matrix room. He is a very friendly person and always answers.

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Thank you for sharing your discovery! I used to write down a lot of things with keep! And didn’t really like Notes. Now there is a true alternative!

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you can get a try to “joplin”, another open source proyect, multi platform too. the only issue in comparison to carnet, is that it can’t attach images to the text.

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I turned to Carnet right after I got disappointed in Joplin. On paper, Joplin looks the best, and it has the largest community and finest support among all self-hosted counterparts. But that positive image is gonna disappear, once you get their mobile app in your hands. I just figured out right away that I couldn’t convince my family to use it.

Attaching images in Joplin does actually work
(iOS at least).
But good to see another option. I will try it.

I am using Simplenote with sync across several devices

I was looking for the option to set up my own self-hosted server for Simplenote, but didn’t find it. If the synchronization over LAN is really not available, then even Joplin is better in this respect.

Thanks, will give it a try

It should be mentioned that Carnet’s desktop app still needs some work, so if it’s important for you — would be better to use the web version or look at Joplin as alternative.

Which is the most used app to store, organize and look at your pics atm? I now use camera roll. Because it doesnt contain any trackers.
I took a look at evernote and it looks very promising. It also comes with a cloud.
I like to hear your opinion.
Also, what im still mising is a good keyboard. What do u guys use?

Edit, evernote use trackers.ill give carnet a try

  1. Has anyone had any luck with importing evernote to carnet?
  2. the audio in carnet doesnt play am I missing something?

thanks in advance