Change OS name please

e os returns information online for the cannon “eos” camera, for some cryptocurrency, and many other things. “e” is too generic to build any community knowledge around. Please please change the name of this operating system so we can actually search for relevant information using standard search engines and therefor also be able to share relevant information in places other that just this forum.


I also had this problem. I do like the name, but it does create a lot of confusion.

Could you talk to your friends about “Murena” ?
(i like /e/OS as name even i understand it is hard to find)

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Murena is only a brand name, the operating system is still called /e/OS (aka “you know, the letter e with the two slashes, no no not iOS”)…creating some difficulties and confusion in search engines, I agree.


For now, the OS name will remain as /e/OS. We will plan to change it to Murena at a later date, as for now the /e/OS name does have some visibility on websites and social media and a sudden switch might not be all that easy.


Good things are hard to find


Usability is already difficult enough with off-brand android based things so it would be best to make it a lot easier to find information. Fdroid update appears broken on e/os on fairphone as of all recent updates. God only knows if I can find any information about the issue. Yes comment bro’s can say “well, duh!, you go to fdroid issues page” but seriously, getting sorted results based on click throughs on a search engine is 20 times faster but made impossible by f-droid 1.16.1 no app list /e/os 1.9" giving literally nothing useful to work with. Debugging any problems in this os takes 10 times as long as any other

Yes We talk about this from day one , but project mainteners did not care …

Murena is different , it’s the company behind the services , not the project

Call it pickledyos. call it eeeos. call it slashEslashOS. call it murena. whatever. Just anything but one single character.

Way too specific, no wonder nothing useful comes up. Who says it’s only 1.16.1, who says it’s only /e/OS, who says it’s only 1.9?
Start with a wider angle, then narrow down. Start with searching for f-droid no app list.
And all of a sudden the name of /e/OS plays no role in this, because there should be useful hits already.

The specificity isnt the issue really. Its that using “e/os” is like referencing 4 other products out there in a different category and single letter key words hit too many things so often are ignored by most search engines. Even the search engine here for this forum will ignore single character searches.

found a honest solution. Search for “lineageos” instead and apply whatever results you find to slashEslashOS. It helps. Already found a nice medium article writeup for one of my issues