Cheap device to host /e/

Hello. Looking for the cheapest platform to host /e/ for useas wifi-only. Will be researching used compatible devices; if you have suggestions please share the.

Looks like Samsung would be a good possibility since there are so many compatible devices and I like the brand.


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as a cheap device.
I can advise the Samsung Galaxy s4mini for its size adapted to be carried in the pocket OR the Samsung Galaxy s4 for its large screen if you need it.


Thank you, Piero, that is very helpful.

Am getting a very affordable S4, thanks again.

Thank you for the suggestion. Does the video out (via MHL A/V link) work?

If we add some other requests like, besides being cheap, like:
b) USB C
c) front fingerprint scanner
what would be your suggestion? I was looking at Samsung A5, but I have not came across many offers, and anything affordable.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

I have got an microUSB->MHL adapter for my devices, but can’t find any MHL compatible TV or projector to run the test

Quite interesting … I thought you could connect the adapter to the HDMI port of any TV / displays and it would work … that would limit a lot the possibilities … I thought that MHL compatible TVs did not need any additional power supply… otherwise you need an additional port to provide some juice to the adapter to have some video signal out of it …
OK, thank you very much for the feedback