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The recent changes to the Status bar came as a surprise to me. I didn’t know that they have been under discussion for quite a while in this gitlab epic which is part of the project roadmap.

I am going to spend some time looking at some of the other items on the roadmap (e.g. Default UI revamping, Clean Account settings, Clean Settings), so that I know what is coming and so that, if I have a contribution or an opinion to offer, I can do so before the feature gets delivered

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


From my side of view, it’s no good idea to discuss such changes on Gitlab. All feature discussions should be done here, in forum where all users are abvailable. has telegram groups, forum and gitlab for discussion. That’s to much.
Most people (incl. myself) haven’t know about this gitlab discussion. If the discussion where done here in forum, all the angry and disappointed posts here and in telegram groups haven’t been postet and the support group has not wasted so much time to answer the same all the time.

For me, that’s the next step to leave eOS behind me.


Oh, willst dich von /e/ OS trennen? Was kommt danach?
Stimmt. Viele Gruppen sind unübersichtlich und zuviel.
Ausserdem Telegram. Hätte lieber ne Lösung bei Matrix (Elements)…

Oh, want to part with /e/ OS? What comes next?
Right. Many groups are confusing and too many.
Also telegram. I would rather have a solution at Matrix (Elements)…

My own ungoogled LeOS rom as a fork of LOS (or AOSP-- just made the first tests)
There are to much things I don’t understand in project management. To much open tasks (nougat roms, easy installer, e-recovery and so on) , to much things wasted dev time for things noone really wants or not working (see bliss, Apps store und now the GUI change). And where is the name change and V1 stable ??


Like it or not, gitlab is where developers, and the project owner, hang out and where they do much of their work. Realistically most of them will be too busy (writing new code, making releases, fixing defects) to spend very much time in user forums. In an ideal world, there would be great communication between users and the dev team. That is the case most of the time - see the work that @Manoj does liaising with the dev team, making them aware of issues and questioned raised here, and reporting back on their responses. Occasionally it breaks down, as in the issue with notification icons in the status bar: most forum users were not aware that the change was going to be made, and that it was intended to be optional, with a setting to control it. That issue has been addressed and the change will soon be reverted until the settings change is also ready.

For all that, most of the time, I think /e/ are better at communicating with users than many development projects - software and hardware, FOSS and proprietary - that I have been involved with

That would be a great pity, and a loss to the /e/ project and its users. Many of us are very grateful for the time and effort you put in: helping out in forums and on Telegram, making unofficial and custom builds. I hope that you choose to stay, and continue to contribute to the project.


No, I’m will go more and more in the background. In the meantime there are a lot of people which are knowing more than I do.
And as far as Gael is the sponsor of this as more it becomes a dead project. Sorry, I have worked too long in such chaotic IT projects.


OK, but status bar ‘improvement’ falls with update without any announcement for ‘standard’ users, that’s a least a lack of communication. A brief announcement here in ‘Developers blog’ would have been a minimum, for changes that will inevitably confuse ‘mom, dad’ and a lot of users…

For now, /e/ becomes more and more alive :

  • 75,000 € funds for the development of a privacy center and a better PWA support
  • Partnership with Fairphone to offer a privacy focused system on a sustainable phone
  • The team is increasing and things are quite well organized
  • /e/ will have more and more features (like the backup feature in testing phase)
  • Everything is done to make /e/ easier for average people (Easy Installer, UX/UI modifications, Bliss Launcher, Apps (yes everything isn’t perfect but it’s a good start)) and its adoption is increasing.

I’m not worried about its future. And not everyone is capable of waking up one day with the idea of creating the third major mobile operating system and achieving what has been done so far, without a minimum of management capacity.


I agree that it was a breakdown in communication, and I think it was very unfortunate. I am certainly going to spend a bit more time following what is going on in gitlab, and hope to help ensure that there are not similar problems in future.

LOL, the 3rd ??? it’s an Android fork,not more.
A third would have been Mandrake for mobile and that was what I expected from the Mandrake inventor.

But this is all too much in the off topic area now, so I will stop here

Yes, V1 stable would be nice! To long in Beta-Phase!
I want to use it on my LG G5 until my Phone will be broken.
Then want to switch to Volla Phone! Looks like a good project where you can chosse between Sailfish, Ubuntu Touch and Volla OS based on ASOP.
Okay…Hardware is little bit in critic. But I do not want to play or make video cut with Phone. So is okay.

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