Citymapper gets randomly stuck


I have purchased a FP5 with /e/os 1.15 installed.
I have faced a weird issue concerning the app Citymapper.

Sometimes (let’s say 1 out of 20 times) the app will launch correctly but the rest of the time it will launch and then gets stuck on the loading splash screen.
Another weird thing I have witnessed is I recieve notifications from the app, meaning that it kinda works in a way, but I can not get to it, either on clicking the app’s icon or clicking the notification.

I have generated a log for this if needed and a radio log too.

Is this the right place to ask for this kind of help?


NB :

  • I know about Citymapper’s Exodus score.
  • I do not want to use another app, and with all the love I have for FOSS apps, Magic Earth sucks. I am temporarily using Google Maps as an incomplete alternative which is not better.
  • I have tried running it with and without the advanced privacy and it changes absolutely nothing.
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