Cloud?i never wanted things uploaded!

Regain my privacy.

My teracube sends me a message that ive used up my cloud storage. E os

The idea that ive sent anything (without my knowledge) up to ANY cloud horrifies me and goes against the whole reson i have a degoogled phone. Wtf?

How to i stop ANYTHINH of mine ever being sent to this /e/ cloud ever again???


Thank you

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

There are granular sync options for eCloud. If you don’t want to use eCloud, you can run /e/os without an eCloud account.

More info here:


Well we expect to find it free of Google, but /e/ uses the inbuilt technology to provide 1 GB free storage on their servers. As already said, delete your account and don’t use it if you choose. However remember that if you use email, this has to be stored on a server somewhere. Please be aware that a slightly large amount of email (included trashed email and attachments) can trigger this warning.

It is probably worth logging in to your account from your PC to see if you can find out why the warning was given. Login here

Perhaps worth checking the

To find the /e/ Account on your phone it is at Settings > Accounts.


Since this doesn’t seem to come up for the first time, I wonder what’s amiss in such a case.

I just started the process of setting up an account to see the invitation mentioned in the documentation … … the mail I got says:

Your account gives you access to all Murena services, including your personal email address, your agenda and contacts, your drive in the cloud and your online office suite, and more!”

… highlighting is genuine, not by me … furthermore …

“We hope you enjoy your privacy-first ecloud services and thank you for supporting the project!”

Since I don’t have an account and currently don’t need one I will not proceed further, but I do wonder …

@Manoj: The documentation has the following nicely short section … is something like this prominently shown to the user anywhere when setting up an account or right after setting it up? If not, can something like this be prominently added so that it can’t be missed, perhaps with user confirmation? …

Using a Murena Cloud account

  • Now that your Murena Cloud account is created, you can use it in your /e/OS smartphone
    • In the first time usage wizard just after /e/OS installation
    • You can add account by going to…
 Settings >> Accounts >> Add account >> /e/
  • On the web at to retrieve all the pictures, videos you took with your /e/OS smartphone
  • To access on the Murena Cloud all you emails and check your calendar

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Thank you. For now i deleted the account.

If this can arrive as a surprise it seems like we need perhaps more notification that this will happen.

I think I’m getting old!!! Perhaps most people are savvy to this.

Thanks again

Have a golden day.