Cloud Synch complaints and suggestions

Hi there. I’ve tried to post this topic on the but I’m completely lost on the new website. I wasn’t able to post a new topic, in order to suggest an enhancement in murena cloud.

Could someone copy my following post and share it on the Gitlab?

I already talked about this topic here Cloud memory set up and other members did there 'Cloud Storage Full' unsyncing certain folders

I just would like to add a few details and to beg that someone could submit this to the developers so that the Murena team could take this topic seriously.

As said in the posts shared before, we users would like to be able to choose which app to synch and which app not to synch with the cloud.
We could be led to think that it is on purpose that Murena doesn’t let us unsynch the music for example or any other content that we don’t want or need.

It’s really annoying to have spent a lot of money on a FP4 with 250G storage capacity and to finally have less than 1G of music just because Murena doesn’t allow me to not synch the music. I could think that they are forcing me to subscribe to one of the paid plans, and I would need one of the more expensive if I wanted to enjoy the full potential of my phone. I really don’t like to feel forced, it makes me run away. It reminds me of the OS I left because of their bad ethics.

So what I suggest is to add to that list:

  • Music

  • My recordings (Sound records)

  • To separate these two folders ( Music and Sound records) completely

  • To add them also in the computer dashboard

  • To add a feature to be able to select in each app which file we want to synch or not

  • To have the same folders and the corresponding content in the phone and in the dashboard. What I mean is that in the Files App on the phone, it’s not at all the same content as in the Files App in the dashboard, and this is a mess.

I suggest that in both the dashboard and the phone Files App there would be the files that are not music, sounds, photos and videos (which goes each one in their respective apps); that is mainly screen shots, text documents, downloaded pictures etc…

I hope this post will help.

Easiest way to ‘fix’ this issue, is to turn off /e/'s broken sync, and install

The NextCloudNotes and or OpenTasks apps all work better than /e/'s forked versions too.


Ideally, you should raise the issue on Gitlab as the developers would ask you to test their fixes or check with you for more details. In case of issues creating the issue pl follow this guide

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Thank you but I’m not good at this! Is it easy to do for a random user?

Thank you, I did it quickly as I could, because this is for high level users and I’m not…

It’s pretty straightforward.

This post is talking about using NextCloud app to sync with your own NextCloud instace, but the same steps work when using /e/'s Cloud (which is also a NextCloud instance)

(You don’t need DAVx5 if your happy to continue using /e’s Contacts and Calendar sync, just the NextCloud sync client app)

When the app asks you for the name of your server, use the and use your own full username ( or - whichever your signed up with originally)

To turn off /e/'s file, media and music sync you will need to go into Settings | Accounts, and select your acccount. Nt sure of the exact sreps after that, but it’s quite simple

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Ok thank you I’ll try and come back here to comment on the results. :slightly_smiling_face:

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