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I have used Crdroid for quite some time and have got used to having automatic call recording as an option which can be set by pressing the 3 dots in the phone app and then under settings, sounds vibrations, and then at the bottom of that menu ‘auto call recording’ as can be seen in this screenshot taken from Crdroid.

This option is not available on /E/os

It would make /E/os not just great, it would make it perfect if this option could be included in /E/os as it is in Crdroid.

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You might want to make yourself heard here …

I tried registering in gitlabs, but it didn’t like any of my emails so it would not let me register, however I was able to read some of the comments.

Someone mentioned GDPR as an issue, this is a common misconception GDPR and the DPA does not apply to individuals. GDPR and the DPA only applies to organisations and businesses etc.

Additionally, as far as the UK is concerned, there is no requirement to obtain the permission of the other party in the call. This is defined in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

However, the situation changes for businesses and organisations because of the Lawful Business Practice Regulations which makes it necessary for them to inform the other party that the call may be recorded and the purpose for which the call in being recorded, which must be one of the prescribed reasons as defined in the regulation otherwise recording the call would for them be unlawful. Other certain different organisations such as the police are exempted from having to say if the call is being recorded says …

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