Com.mediatech.ims.imsapp not working

Hi everyone,

I am using a terracube 2e and ever since the latest update I keep getting a message that this com.mediatech.ims.imsapp stops working. When I click on app info I see this. What is it for? Is anyone else having this problem? It doesnt seem to affect anything, but has me concerned


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IMS is what registers your phone with the carrier and makes calls in LTE networks (VoLTE, VoWifi).

If the App isn’t working it could be due to accessing a path it wants but isn’t there. “adb logcat” will probably name you the reason.

I have had same problem with my Gigaset GS290 after 1.15 update (1.15-s-20230913330639-stable-GS290). Rebooting helps for a while. Few SMS texts can be sent, but then the above mentioned Ims App error occurs again and “Failed to send” message under SMS message. And, when rebooting, the SIM PIN screen freezes for a minute until it accepts the PIN. First thought because of dry fingertips, but no, freezing occurs always when SIM PIN screen appears after rebooting. Not just my phone, but spouse has the same ready installed e/OS Gigaset GS290, and same happens. Have cleared SIM Toolkit cache, no help. We have the same operator though.