Compatibility of S9 and Note 9 model #s ending with U instead of F

Hi, for the Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9 many of the the phones I see available online have a model # ending in U, e.g 960U, 965U. On the devices page the model numbers are the same but they end in F, D or N. All I can see from searching is that this has to do with the country and carrier the phone is for. Can I buy a phone with a model # ending in U and reasonably expect it to work with /e/?

For installing custom OS on a s9/s9+, you need an international model F,
those particular devices are specifically produced for USA & China market, you cannot unlock the bootloader

Unfortunately no.

Testing is currently in progress for OTA OS upgrade on the S9/S9+ F variants , but not N (although install docs imply N variants are otherwise supported).

See the OTA Testing paragraph in this:

Thank you!

Could I just confirm that this is the same issue as the Qualcomm (#U) vs. Exynos (#F) described here?

Also, is it likely that the Note 9 or S9/9+ will ever get VoLTE or VoWiFi? I do see from the thread linked and the device list that the S9/9+ seems especially well supported.

If you live in USA, better buying a Motorola !

Maybe… even though the Motorola may be better than S9/9+ right now, the additional support and development because of the popularity of the Samsung phones is a real benefit even if it comes at the cost of having certain features. Or maybe I just like the pen on the Note 9 and am trying to decide it it’s worth the trade-offs. Either way, it is great to have this many options.