Complete mayhem after night charging

I’ve used GS290 for over a year now. Wifi is always turned off, I use the 4g network.
Lately I sometimes have lost 4g network, and need to stop and restart ‘mobile network’. Sometimes I have to set ‘plane mode’ for some seconds. I didn’t find a pattern in this behavior. this already happened before the last update.

Last night I charged my phone, this morning I had lost 4g connection. It would not restart.
So I restarted the phone, and now all my apps are scrambled from where I put them on my homepage. in alphabetical order.
Still no 4g network.

did my phone update while charging? is something else going on?
I’m on V1 14r

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I had trouble with all mobile data dropping and I ended up deleting Carrier Services using adb in the computer terminal and I haven’t had a problem dropping data since, unless I just happen to be in an area with bad cell service like normal.

No idea what went wrong in your phone exactly (maybe other GS290-users can say more).

In order to fix mobile data you may first doublecheck “APN”-settings in your phone:
System settings → network → mobile network → (scroll down, expand menu) → access points (APN)
Compare APN-parameters with your carrier´s recommended settings and apply accordingly, carriers usually provide info on the parameters somewhere online.

Apps being rearranged in alphabetical order out of the blue has been reported before, e.g. here: BlissLauncher randomly rearranges ALL my apps alphabetically … not sure if there´s a fix/workaround available.

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Thank you for the fast replies. I appologize for shaking the tree, because my problem was not /e/ related. It was a nationwide problem with my provider. Sorry guys :blush:

However it was an odd coincidence for it to happen at the same time my apps got scrambled.


When this happens to users for no obvious reason I speculate that there is a high chance some internal or external event puts intolerable stress on Bliss.

Setting > Apps & notification > See all apps > BlissLauncher > Storage > Clear storage and Clear Cache

will put you back to alphabetical order – maybe that looks random too !?

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Yes that might look confusing :slight_smile: … but from how I read the header of the linked thread, the “ramdomness” refers to the event happening seemingly out of the blue and not to the way the aps -icons are displayed/ordered on hte homescreen

another thread suggested that the protonmail app is the culprit to this alphabetically scrambling. Might just be correct as I do have that installed.
No problems during 14 months of prior use though…