Concerns for new user? ( OnePlus7 )


I just discovered this project and I got an immediate interest on it. I already reduced my google usage to a bare minimum, the only relationship that I have left with Google is Android and I’d be more than happy to cut that one off also.

My phone is OnePlus7 and I’m currently running it with the original OS, but the bootloader is unlocked and phone is rooted.

Based on users experience and what is known to the day about /e/, what would be the limitations or concerns that I should be aware of if I’d decide to migrate to /e/ ? What doesn’t work, what will never work, what will work in the future? I am trying to assess if this ROM is a suitable replacement for my current needs or I should probably wait until it becomes more mature.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @derei. I would start HERE and specifically search this section.

"What’s not (yet) working ?

Please find issues opened by users on this device here
You can also track the progress of the issue here."

Edit: Having purchased a S9+ direct from /e/ and also flashed 2 of my own my advice would be to BUY DIRECT unless you are ready for a learning curve with working with custom ROMs. An option, if your budget allows, would be to get a 2nd used phone to flash or buy one direct from the /e/store to compare. /e/OS meets my immediate needs (I came from iOS). HERE is a list of phones (ensure correct model)

I am newer to the /e/ project as well. I have a few Samsung devices up and running. My experience is overall good. The biggest shortcoming I have found is due to my hardware. I am using non-US phones in the US and so the modems (or ROMs, not sure which) don’t support all of TMobile’s bands. I am in the process of correcting this and as /e/ only entered the US market recently this should get better as time goes on and more stable ROMs are built for phones made for domestic USA use. I see this a more of a long play than a short one.

EDIT: If you are outside the USA search for users native to your country to seek their advice.

I just found this warning regarding /e/:
Warning: Downgrading Smartphones already on Android Q or LineageOS 17.x to Pie or other OS can cause instability or at worst brick some devices

As my phone is already using Android 10 (Q), I believe that moving to /e/ would be too risky (i don’t feel eager to brick my phone and then pull my hair trying to unbrick it).
I also don’t understand why the developers choose to stay so much behind with the Android version.

I salute the initiative of /e/, but as a result of my research so far, is more trumpets than facts. I’ll be monitoring the progress closely in the hope that soon it will become a solid enough experience to be worth the transition.

@derei The dev for OnePlus 7 is for Android Q, HERE

But yes, follow your gut on what you should do. Just FYI👇🏼

This is the link in the normal installation instructions. Since you have Android 10 (Q) already installed there is no need for downgrading. Here is where it is👇🏼

Downloads for the guacamoleb

Tip: Download of TWRP is not required if you already have it running on your phone

Try the /e/ Recovery (limited functionality)

  • /e/ Recovery

  • /e/OS build : dev

  • Check the Pre-Install Instructions section below for some additional downloads for your device.

Here👆🏼 where it says, " /e/OS build : dev" it links to the /e/OS build for Android 10 or Q.

Hey @egx470 thanks for this!
Yes, I am already having TWRP on my phone.

I feel there are few errors (missing links) in your message… i see some weird characters ( :point_down:t3: ) where I suppose you meant to insert a link. Would you mind to check that?
For example, I see you recommend me to check the Pre-Install Instructions, but there is no telling where I can find them (link missing?)

What is the “limited functionality” for the /e/ Recovery? What should I expect?

What are your current needs? What apps do you need/can’t do without? Everybody is different so it is difficult to answer your question. You can get an idea of which apps will or won’t work from this forum post:

As eOS ‘matures’ it won’t fundamentally change much I don’t think. Pretty much the same as any other OS, features come and go, bugs get eliminated, etc, etc. De-googling will continue, I’m sure.

If you were thinking of installing e (or any custom ROM) it would be worth investigating how to revert the device back to stock ROM at a later date. Just in case.

Here’s some pictures of e-recovery on Xperia xa2…

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If you just go HERE and search for your device full installation directions can be found.

This means you do not need /e/Recovery, and can continue with TWRP.

Alright, all clear now. I was a bit confused with where to find the necessary information.
Thanks a lot. I’ll let you know how it goes :wink:

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@egx470 so… I managed to install /e/ on my phone (thanks a lot).

Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out Magisk. I opened a conversation here:

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@derei Awesome! Glad to hear, welcome to freedom from data mining capitalism.