Configure email on work Ipad

I am attempting to setup my account on a work Ipad (sadly)
Seems to be an issue with the Incoming Mail Server settings and “” is not responding.
I appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Hi @Duper did you try with these settings

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Hello, yes I did and no success…

Are you using a proxy on your iPAD ? Some companies are using proxy server for blocking some domains. So it could be that you company is blocking server. I think you should ask your company IT support.

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No there is not. Just a basic series 2 iPad. Nothing flash. In fact I can’t stand it :grin:

Check your inbuild firewall. Could be that it’s blocking your connection.
Do you have a terminal on your iPad ? If you, try to ping

And are you using STARTTLS for smpt server ??

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Thanks for your info. I’ve tried all sorts of settings with no success.
I’ve decided to bag the idea for now. Cheers